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Prices (6 month expiration) 

1   cryo session   $35
3   cryo sessions  $90
6   cryo sessions  $160
10 cryo sessions  $240

1   normatec session     $15
3   normatec sessions    $40
6   normatec sessions    $60
10 normatec sessions    $90

Pacificryo Combo Packages
                  (6 month expiration)

1  cryo session   + 1 normatec     $45
3  cryo sessions  + 3 normatecs    $120
6  cryo sessions  + 6 normatecs    $200
10 cryo sessions + 10 normatecs  $275


“Decided to give Cryotherapy a try for my son's knee injury and for me, poor circulation, anxiety and just pure curiosity. Erik, the owner, is very knowledgeable & professional. He takes the time to answer questions and explains everything. He is with you the entire time, encouraging you every minute. It's very cold but invigorating. My son has done 3 sessions and I did two within a week. His knee is feeling great, no pain. We also used the Normatec Leg Compressions before the cryotherapy. It's like a deep tissue massage for your legs. Helps with tired legs, aches, injuries and soreness, poor circulation. Highly recommend Pacificryo, very clean and welcoming.”​
Jill R



“I have been seeing Erik for cryotherapy and pressure treatment for a couple of weeks now. It has helped my hip injury immensely! I was nervous about trying cryotherapy at first, but Erik explained everything step by step and was very patient and professional. Cryotherapy is excellent for relieving stiffness and improving the blood circulation for your body. I highly recommend Pacificryo!”​
Katharina T

“I tried Cryotherapy after friends had told me about it, and my pain management doctor posted a medical study.  
Eric let me try the Normatec Compression for my legs, I had no idea that I would feel so much better after a few sessions my joints felt so much better, and after using the compression for my legs, the swelling went down and felt good.
I also have severe osteoarthritis in my back and joints, plus I had back surgery 10yrs ago.
I highly recommend the Cryotherapy for arthritis pain and chronic pain, the leg compression is another bonus for leg pain.”​
Fred L​


“I've been coming here for about three weeks now. I've had a great experience every time. The owners are very knowledgeable and friendly.

I been using cryotherapy for recovery from CrossFit and sometimes I go right before I work out. It helps a lot with the soreness and I feel amazing!”​
Ernest T



“Cryotherapy helps my aches  and pains...lowerback, shoulders...and my legs. I highly recommend pacificryo to anyone who has aches and pains in their body.  Eric is awesome. Hes very friendly and knowledgeable. He answers all of my questions and makes you feel very comfortable while youre in cryotherapy..”​
Christina L

“I attend the Hot HIIT Classes here, Bikram Yoga and sometimes follow it up with a session of Cryo therapy and Normatec Compression! I use Cryo therapy and the compression to treat and heal my lower back and hips from old injuries. Worth it for my chronic pain and overall muscles stiffness!”​
Danielle M

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